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Big Bus Side

This can be fitted on either the pavement side or the traffic side giving great coverage to shoppers who are out making their buying decisions. The Big Bus Side bus advertisement measures 2080mm x 920mm.

Weekly Media Rate: £39.00

Super Square

This display covers either the offside or nearside of the bus from the floor to the roof, including over the bonded window with high quality pixellated vinyl. The Super Square bus advertisement measures 2080mm x 2400mm.

Weekly Media Rate: £79.00

Big Bus Back

This covers the back of the bus at eye level. This is almost twice the size of the normal adverts you see on the back of the majority of buses. Because it is at eye level, it will be seen by the hundreds of car drivers behind the bus every day. The Big Bus Back bus advertisement measures 2080mm x 1090mm.

Weekly Media Rate: £89.00

Mega Rear

This display covers the entire rear of the bus, including the rear bumper and side panels. The Mega Rear bus advertisement measures 2500mm x 2900mm.

Weekly Media Rate: £149.00

Full Side

The Full Side bus advertisement covers one full side of the bus, from the bottom to the roof even covering windows, with high quality pixellated cast vinyl.

Weekly Media Rate: £159.00