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About PSV Media

The first bus adverts date back to the 1800s with the mule drawn street cars. A lot has happened since then; outdoor advertising has changed dramatically, but the aim remains the same.

At PSV Media we produce high impact bus advertising which demands attention.

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Simply tell us your message.
Using our system is completely free, just tell us your message and what you are trying to achieve with your campaign.

Step 2: Choose your bus route(s).
We will work with you to hand-select every bus route to precisely target your key audiences.

Step 3: Show us your company brand.
Ping across your logos, colours and any images you want to use for us to design your advertisement for you.

Step 4: Now, leave the rest to us.
We will construct your proposed campaign with costs and when you are happy to go ahead, organise the printing and placement, then you are ready to hit the road.


Tesco v Six SheetOutdoor advertising has been a huge part of the advertising dollar over in The States for over a century but here in the UK we are starting to close the gap. One of the biggest successes on this side of ‘The Pond’ has been the six sheet bus stop advertising.

Due to the size of the bus shelter adverts companies have been given the ability to use image rich adverts to attract more attention and therefore deliver greater results. It is due to the success of the bus stop advertising that PSV Media decided to offer clients the same size advert but rather than being static at the side of the road it is travelling 700 miles a week round the cities of the North West. This now enjoys a longer dwell time for the motorists driving behind the bus as they are looking straight at it.

Although the retail, leisure and education sectors are using these adverts to great effect we cannot argue with the motor dealers who seem to be enjoying massive results from this unique sized advert in capturing the attention of the motorist.

A selection of our clients

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