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Case Studies

Lloyd BMW Service


Many of the motor dealers are now identifying the power of bus advertising and BMW is no exception to that. There is no other medium that can offer the motor dealer near-zero wastage on their investment, due to the fact that behind every advert is a car and in every car is a potential BMW owner.

 logo bmw

CAT x 4


Caterpillar clothing and House of Fraser (Beatties) tried bus advertising as a test campaign promoting their Birkenhead store. PSV Media recommended just four Big Bus Backs across the Wirral peninsula for a twelve week period. The outcome was that Beatties, in Birkenhead, was selling three times more Caterpillar clothing than any of the other House of Fraser stores in the North West.

logo cat

Formby Hall

Formby Hall Hotel

Formby Hall is a beautiful hotel just north of Liverpool. It has a challengine 18 hole golf course which is very well known in the area, but their 9 hole par 3 course was not quite so well known. We recommended Formby Hall to take a Mega Rear for a 12 week period. At the end of the 12 week campaign we sat down with the client and went through the figures of how many visitors Formby Hall had to their par 3 course during that time, compared to the same three months of the previous year. The results were truly amazing: month one, 112% increase; month two, 213% increase; month three, 83% increase.

logo formbyhall

Glaxo SmithKline

Glaxo SmithKline

Glaxo SmithKline asked us to fully wrap buses in Salford to promote a study into COPD, bronchitis and emphysema. PSV Media arranged for one of their buses to be available for the back drop of their press launch and Glaxo SmithKline has since taken further buses to promote other studies too.

logo gsk

Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park booked space on a bus to help keep local awareness high and to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the park opening. Knowsley Safari Park were involved in the production of the advert from the very beginning and PSV Media's design team were able to work with them to produce a truly memorable and unique advert. The Safari Park stated that the response on social media alone in the first few weeks of the bus going out on the road made it worthwhile.

Knowsley Safari

Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council has used bus advertising effectively for many years. One of our favourite campaigns was the Family Information Services campaign. The client used a series of four similar adverts, all with a slightly different message and different images, to great effect.
logo lancscouncil
Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo

The first Mecca Bingo club to use bus advertising was on Lord Street in Southport. After an initial 12 week test campaign in 2007, we looked forward to hearing about their return on investment. The growth in first time club visits during the campaign were staggering. The Southport club enjoyed a huge 25% increase in first time visits during the campaign. We were delighted at this success but Mecca gave us even better news. They said "This increase is against a national downturn of 15% in first time club visits during the same period, therefore giving an increase of 40% compared with other clubs.

logo mecca

Mini Countryman Red £219


The Lloyd Group commissioned a test campaign to promote the sales of both their MINI One and MINI Clubman. The campaign was originally for a 12 week period, but with the results enjoyed in the first five weeks they decided to increase the campaign from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. You can also see from the two pictures that the advert has been designed in such a way that the offer can be changed easily, offering cost effective versatility coupled with the massive impact of bespoke outdoor advertising. You can also see from the two pictures that the advert has been designed in such a way that the offer can be changed easily and cost effectively therefore giving the flexibility of press bus with the massive impact.

logo mini



Redrow Homes wanted a 6 month promotion for their quality homes on the Fylde coast. In an attempt to measure the effectiveness of the campaign, they opted to put a unique website address, not linked to any other of their marketing output, for the duration. We were delighted when, due to the figures achieved, not only did Redrow decide to extend the campaign for a further 6 months but they also doubled the number of buses for the following campaign.

logo redrow



Santander sponsored the International Festival for Business when it was held in Liverpool so Santander asked us to help them ‘paint the town red’ during the festival. PSV Media accomplished this by fully wrapping the Liverpool City centre buses giving them exactly the sort of impact they were looking for. Due to the fact PSV Media offer route specific buses Santander were delighted that their buses successfully and effectively kept the Santander brand ‘in the faces’ of all the delegates during the International Festival for Business.